Imelda Drowns Texas Again

Tropical Storm Imelda dumped more than 40 inches of rain on some parts of Texas since making landfall on Tuesday. In Beaumont, Texas, three feet of rain fell in 24 hours. Some homes hit by Hurricane Harvey two years ago are once again filled with water. Some say that Imelda is worse than Harvey.

This massive storm caught millions of people in its path, stranding thousands in their homes or on the streets. CAM’s Search & Rescue team is currently rescuing people from the floodwaters. The Loaves and Fishes food kitchen plans to travel to Texas this weekend to serve hot meals to storm survivors. With more than 27,000 homes and businesses without electricity, people have no food or drinking water.

Once the water recedes, Rapid Response Services plans to investigate needs and further ways to help. Some of the homes our teams rebuilt after Hurricane Harvey are flooded again.
Please pray for the many people affected by this traumatic storm. Pray also for our teams as they minister to people who, in some cases, lost almost everything they owned.