SALT 2018 review

Salt & Light

New outreach resource for Anabaptist churches

Are your neighbors in North America a new “unreached people group”? Do your neighbors know who Jesus is? CAM’s new Salt & Light program is an outreach tool that:

HELPS Anabaptists build relationships with neighbors here in the U.S.

EXTENDS hope through a 12-week (one evening a week) Bible-based personal financial teaching course.

PATTERNS what it looks like to follow Jesus and obey His teachings.

SUPPLIES teaching manuals and other resources for the group you organize in your community.

To learn more about this outreach opportunity, call us at 330.893.2428 or email You can also register for the upcoming Salt & Light training seminar if you are interested in using this resource.

Salt & Light seminar location:

Streetlight Christian Ministries, 4071 Palm Ave. Sacramento, CA 95842

Date: January 17 & 18, 2020 (Friday all day, and Saturday morning)

Registration deadline: December 20

Cost: $150 per person or married couple (includes meals and meeting cost)