Toys and Games Around the World (Children’s Article)

Some children don’t have money to buy toys. But that doesn’t mean they don’t play and have fun like other children. They just make their own toys. Maybe you could try to make some too!

Nigeria…Mud and stones = mancala game.
Nepal…Bucket lid, wire, and a stick = rolling wheel.
Nicaragua…Rubber bands = creating shapes.
Haiti…Jug, sticks, fruit, and string = truck.
Bangladesh…Jug, twine, and old flip flops = car.
Romania…Old baby stroller wheels and boards = cart.
Nigeria…Paper and wood = board game.

Make your own toy car!

  1. Find an empty jug.
  2. Cut out the top or parts of the sides for the windows.
  3. Poke a piece of wire through the jug in the front and the back. Leave one inch to stick out on all sides.
  4. For wheels, poke a hole in four plastic jar lids.
  5. Slide the wire through the hole in the lid. Then bend the wire so the wheels can’t fall off.
  6. You have a toy car!
  7. Tie a string to the front to pull the car.
Toy Car