Widespread flooding damaged or destroyed several thousand homes in Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, and Missouri this week. Rivers in the Midwest continue to swell from heavy rainfall and rapid snowmelt. In addition to destroying homes and businesses, the flooding is also taking a heavy toll on farmers. The waters have covered tens of thousands of acres of cropland, destroyed stockpiled grain, and killed livestock.

Rapid Response team members and volunteers have already started cleanup in Iowa. They are helping devastated homeowners remove soggy furniture, wet insulation, and other damaged belongings from flooded homes. It is important to get this done as soon as the floodwaters go down and before mold sets in.

Team members in Nebraska, Illinois, and Missouri are waiting for floodwaters to subside. They hope to start cleanup next week.

Pray for our Rapid Response team members as they seek to share the love of Jesus with devastated homeowners.

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