Galia with firewood she received from CAM

Ukrainian Widow Depends on God for Firewood

Galia is 76 years old and “living according to God’s mercy,” as she says. This was evident four years ago when her firewood supply was nearly gone. She prayed for firewood as her house grew colder. Shortly afterward, Galia’s pastor called and told her that CAM would supply firewood for her!

Galia grew up in Shpendivka, Ukraine, close to where CAM’s base was later established. After finishing school, she moved away and married.

Although her mother was a believer, Galia did not follow Jesus until she was 40 years old. Her sister invited her to church, where she repented and was baptized. Her husband was not a believer but tolerated her conversion.

Several years later, Galia’s husband died. She now needed to face life alone. “It was hard to be a widow,” she said, “but I knew God still cares for me.”

Later Galia returned to her hometown to take care of her mother. After her mother died, Galia took in an elderly woman. This woman is deaf and unable to walk and requires a lot of care. She is not a believer and wants to die, but Galia urges her to repent before she meets God. Winter brings a heavy set of challenges for Galia. Her monthly pension is around $110. Last year a load of firewood that lasted two to three months cost her over $350. This left her with little to buy medicines and pay the utilities. During difficult financial times like this, she tells God, “I don’t have money, but I have you.”

When Galia has just a bit of firewood left, she puts wood in the stove only in the morning and evening. “God taught me to stretch it,” she says. She testifies that she has never run completely out of firewood because God has always taken care of her.

This year Galia was again grateful for the load of firewood CAM staff delivered. “Thank you very much,” she said. “I need to keep the house warm because [the lady I care for] gets cold.”

Each year we receive many requests for heating aid. Through our supporters’ gifts for the Warm-A- Family program, we provide heating resources in Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, and other places. This includes firewood, coal, stoves, and funds to help pay heating bills. This year’s Warm-A-Family budget is $2.5 million, and the need is as great as ever.


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