These people in Malawi are thankful for their new water pump and the gift of Bibles.

Pure Water for Malawi

On a sultry summer day, you might find yourself in the kitchen pouring ice cold water into a glass. This is a refreshing, thirst-quenching liquid that many of us take for granted. On mornings when many children here in North America use water to brush their teeth and comb their hair before school, some children in impoverished countries need to fetch water for their families instead of going to school.

For many people in Malawi and other countries, finding fresh, clean water is a difficult or impossible task. Women and young girls get up in the early morning hours to get water for their families. Some of them walk far and often need to collect water from contaminated streams, dirty rivers, or stagnant waterholes. The water frequently carries bacteria and parasites that cause diseases such as cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, typhoid, and polio. Each day, more than 1,200 children around the world under five years old die because of diarrhea.*

With the help of contacts and your generous support, CAM is providing 30 LifePumps in villages and communities throughout Malawi this year. Unlike most hand pumps in developing countries that can’t withstand heavy use, LifePumps are designed to work for years with little maintenance.

LifePumps help bring long-lasting change in these communities. Access to clean water can enable improved hygiene and sanitation. Some families grow flourishing gardens since they now have water to irrigate their produce. With improved health, children can perform better in school. And as our contacts assess, install, and maintain the pumps, they also share Living Water by preaching and distributing Bibles and Bible story books.

In the Malawian village of Chiphanga, several recipients responded with thanks after a LifePump was installed.

“Thank you for bringing us [this pump]. We have been drinking together with animals, snakes, and other wild animals.”

“The water that is coming up is beautiful . . . because you had mercy on us.” The chief of Chiphanga shared his thoughts about receiving Christian literature. “Once people receive Jesus, it changes life for the chief because their lives change. Now having spiritual life, people are able to forgive each other and don’t bring as many problems [to the chief].”

*Source: World Health Organization

To help provide fresh, pure water for people in Malawi and other countries, click the Donate button to give a gift. If you wish to specifically help provide LifePumps in Malawi, the cost for one unit installed is $17,500. Donors who give this amount will receive brief information and a photo of the recipient community once the funded pump is installed. Click the LifePumps button to gift a well.