A Brighter Future for Widows

Widowhood is never easy. A woman loses a protector and provider when her husband passes away, and the grief that follows can crush the life she knew into unrecognizable pieces. Losing a husband is even more painful when a woman’s value in society is based on marriage.

In South Asia, widows often find life to be a struggle for survival. Frequently blamed for their husband’s death, many are despised by society, forsaken by family, and shunned by friends. Finding a source of income is hard, and some widows resort to begging on the street or scavenging through trash for food scraps.

Chetana* used to live a comfortable life in Nepal. While her husband worked to provide for the family, she cared for their two children. Everything changed after a heart attack claimed the life of Chetana’s husband. Burdened with the responsibility of providing for her children, she started raising vegetables and crops to sell. But after buying basic necessities, she did not have enough money to cover the cost of her children’s schooling.

Your support of the Widows Care Fund enabled Chetana to receive a goat for an additional source of income. Gifts like animals, sewing machines, and food help brighten a difficult future for Chetana and other widows. As our contacts distribute these items, they strive to also share Jesus’ love with each recipient. After receiving aid, one widow remarked, “Living as a widow in the society is hard. . . . We are not recognized and helped in our needs. But today, here the widows were shown love.”

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