Jesus can be trusted, Christian Aid Ministries
Hampton, GA

Jesus can be trusted

The following message is from a billboard caller who was on her way to a surgical consultation. In the midst of her worry and fear, she was reminded that “Jesus can be trusted.”

Hi Roger, my name is Mary and I’d like to say thank you for putting up the billboard alongside [a hospital in New Jersey]. I pray that God would bless you in a special way for your willingness and obedience to be the hands and feet of Jesus. My pastor asked me to share my testimony about the events of today. I pray it brings you joy to know that your work on His behalf is making an impact and affecting lives. One of them is mine. Thank you for your faithfulness!

I was on the way to the doctor. I rarely take the expressway, but it is almost certain that when I do, I will get behind someone who doesn’t have their change ready at the entrance. Today was no exception, but God prepared me for this moment. As I settle in for the wait, I look over and see a blue butterfly sitting on the concrete between the toll lanes. It’s butterfly season so it’s not so profound but then I hear Him, “I am here.” A car whizzes by, the butterfly flutters off, and the car in front of me finds the change they need.

Off we go . . . I turn on the radio and the song begins, “There’s nothing worth more that could ever come close, nothing can compare, you’re our living hope. Your presence, Lord . . .” I prayed, “Thank you, God, for letting me know you’re here!”

Another butterfly, this one yellow, floats across the expressway. “I get it, God,” I said. “You’re going to be with me every step of the way.” It starts to rain and by the time I hit the construction, I can no longer see the lines on the road. I am blindly following the lights in front of me. Again, I said, “So, you’re saying that following your light will keep me safe, right?” As I merge onto 676, the rain stops and the sky is clear. No matter what storms come, they too shall pass . . . “I hear you, God,” I said. Around the last bend before my exit, there is a billboard that reads, “Concerned? JESUS can be trusted.” Got it! I thought.

I catch the elevator [at the hospital]. As I get off at my floor it hits me. Irrational fear strikes. This could be the last normal day. The last day before I find out something horrible and my world changes forever. Keep in mind that I am going for a surgical consultation, not getting lab results. I’m at least two steps ahead of myself and panicking. I tell myself, Shake it off, pull yourself together. You don’t even know anything yet! I prayed, “God, please don’t let me walk in here a teary-eyed mess!”

The hallway that leads to the office is lined with windows. As I look out to collect my thoughts, there is the billboard from the highway. Concerned? JESUS can be trusted. So much for no tears. But these tears are watery offerings of gratitude to a merciful God who hears me when I say “help.” Keep in mind that He didn’t give me what I asked for (no tears). He gave me what I needed (comfort) before I even knew what I needed. I said, “Thanks for the reminder, God. I really needed it!” I praise God for whoever put that billboard there. It was exactly what I needed, when I needed it. Imagine how many people facing uncertainty have read that billboard and been comforted by the reminder. Yes, Jesus can be trusted.

Thank you for praying! Your intercession surely inspired my special ride with our Father this morning. I ask that you would not only continue to pray for me but let’s also pray for the person who paid to have that billboard put there. I am certain the Lord compelled them but it takes a willing vessel to execute the plan. May God bless them and you abundantly today!