Billboard Evangelism

a gospel message stays in the mind

A Gospel Message Stays in the Mind

Kyle grew up in a family that smoked marijuana and drank alcohol. He despised that lifestyle and decided to move away from home. Kyle attended at least three churches, but each time he felt rejected and didn’t really find what he wanted. Several months ago, Kyle saw two of CAM’s Gospel billboards and decided to… Read more

God confounding the wise

Vernon called and declared, “When I die, I’m going to be dead.” He explained how he had listened to our phone menu recordings about the evidence for God. “You sound like a decent guy,” he said. “I really don’t want to offend you, but I have to tell you that the evidence shared on that… Read more

Atheists—souls that feel empty and lonely

Atheists frequently call the billboard number. Some are cordial and respectful, while others are rude and irate. Many atheists grew up going to church or Sunday school. Because of the hypocrisy they saw or some other negative experience, they turn their backs on God. They try to remove from their minds the God they once… Read more

God speaks through billboards

“I saw the billboard today and it really moved me spiritually,” stated one caller in Connecticut. This is a familiar statement from callers. Many passersby inform us how the Gospel messages moved them in some way. Kira committed an immoral deed one night. The next day she was feeling guilty, and then she saw one… Read more


Suicide — a mistaken solution

For many Americans, discouragement means hopelessness. And hopelessness means there is no one to turn to. So where do they go?

Many turn to drugs and alcohol or to temporary fixes that only take the edge off their pain and discouragement. But some turn to something they believe will be a permanent fix—suicide.