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A Light Amid the Darkness

Pastor Frisnel passionately preaches the Gospel at the La Source Mennonite Church in Haiti. This small congregation of Haitian believers and CAM staff worship together each week. Salem Amish-Mennonite Church in Bakersville, Ohio, oversees the church at La Source and its outreach congregation in the nearby village of Nan Carre.

Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue

This year, CAM’s Search and Rescue teams have already responded to more than 40 incidents in seven states and one Canadian province. They spent over 6,000 hours searching for missing children, dementia patients, drowned victims, and others.


Surgery for Elmer

Elmer’s left leg didn’t grow as fast as the rest of his body. At thirteen years of age, his deformity was getting worse. Only an operation could fix it.

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Working for a new House

Raducu is a church leader in Romania who works hard to support his family and shepherd his congregation. His family of nine lives in a small lean-to house they built beside their church.


Waking up Americans with Billboards

Peter had seen one of our heaven or hell billboards and was stirred to call. His parents were not religious and had not taken him to worship services when he was young. Now in his 40s, Peter is beginning to wonder about spiritual things. “I need some guidance. Your billboard kind of woke me up… Read more

Jericho Road

Ministering to Romania’s Gypsy People

Five-year-old Daria and her family received clothing through the Jericho Road Program. Her brother received medicine to help fight his battle with cancer. The family is from a Gypsy village in Romania that is largely excluded from the rest of society. CAM ministers to this people group by distributing aid and offering home Bible studies,… Read more



Paula’s husband left her, leaving the family with the struggle of putting food on the table. A bad case of arthritis hinders Paula’s work, but her handicapped daughter Rosa helps her. Though she is on crutches, Rosa washes clothes for people, which brings in about $4 a week.

Bible Lesson


“Now I am ready to shoulder Christ’s command in Matthew 28 to go into all nations and preach this good news,” Jeremiah said after studying a Bible lesson course. “I have been delivered today from the bondage of sin, darkness, and death.” Bible courses provided through Sponsor-A-Bible-Lesson help bring Scripture to light for seeking individuals… Read more