Voices of the Displaced

Ten-year-old Ivanna* remembers when the war started in Ukraine. “It was so scary hearing the bombs!” she said. “We hid in the bathroom because we didn’t have a cellar.” Ivanna is safe now since she and her parents fled their city, but she misses her home a lot.

Civil war in Sudan changed Samar’s life. “One evening several soldiers broke the door . . . and stole everything they could carry . . .” she said. She and her daughters fled to Egypt while her husband and son stayed behind. Later her husband called, saying the soldiers had returned and beat him and his son. Samar said tearfully, “That was the last time I heard from him.”

Fariha and her husband fled Syria with their children when the conflict became intense in their city. “It was a very long, risky journey,” she recalls. “We walked [for] days in the wilderness. . . . When we arrived in Lebanon, we settled in a tent . . .”

Ivanna, Samar, and Fariha are only a few of the 100 million people who have been displaced due to conflict and other disasters. Their stories represent millions that could be told.

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