Rescuing Vulnerable Children

Countless children around the world end up on the streets when their parents abandon them or die. With no one to look after them, these helpless children are often kidnapped or tricked into being used for others’ profit and greed. To help these innocent ones, we are launching the Child Rescue program, which supports efforts in Mexico and South Asia to rescue children in these desperate situations.

When Juana in Mexico was faced with the death of her mother and rejection from her father, she and the three younger siblings in her care moved in with their older sister and her husband. In their new home, they were abused and forced to beg for money on the streets. If they did not bring in enough money in the evening, their brother-in-law would beat them. Because of the mistreatment they suffered, Juana and her siblings fled to the home of a lawyer their mother had known. The lawyer put them in touch with CAM contacts who brought them to a safe environment where they are now protected and loved. Juana thanks God every day that she and her siblings are in a secure place away from those who wish to harm them.

If you would like to learn more, you can request a brochure about the Child Rescue program by calling us at 330.893.2428. Due to the nature of this need, the brochure may not be suitable for children.

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