These children were rescued from the streets of South Asia and now live in a children’s home.

Seeing the Children on the Streets Broke My Heart

Alone at night. Vulnerable. Hungry. Afraid. Hundreds of thousands of children in South Asia live on the streets, away from the comfort and security of loving parents. In one large city in this region, 20 to 25 new children end up on the streets every day. Human traffickers are poised and ready to take them. Some children are snatched away in only 15 minutes to be sold into slavery and other heartbreaking situations.

“Seeing the children on the streets broke my heart,” said a contact in South Asia who works with street children. “For me, it is a great privilege God has given me to take care of these children.”

CAM is supporting this contact and others in Asia and Mexico who provide Christ-centered care for children who have been rescued. Caring believers provide food, safety, trauma counseling, and Bible-based teaching about the love of Jesus. Rescued children are educated and taught a vocation so they can eventually provide for themselves.

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