Three Men Moved by the Printed Page

A bank security guard in Guatemala found a La Antorcha de la Verdad (The Torch of Truth) magazine in a trash can. He pulled it out and was moved as he began reading. Later he discovered another discarded magazine and read it too. These magazines, along with interaction with local Christians, challenged this young man to quit his well-paying job as a security guard, concluding it was wrong to use a gun to kill people. He has since dedicated his life to Jesus.

In Romania, Samuel and his siblings always read the Seed of Truth magazine included in their family’s food parcel. The family eventually stopped receiving parcels, but the publications left a lasting impact on Samuel. Last year he joined the team that translates the Seed of Truth into Romanian so he can do the work someone did for him as a child.

In a restricted location in Central Asia, a young man who was recently baptized gave this testimony: “In a bus, a woman gave me a Seed of Truth magazine as a gift. For the first time, I was holding in my hands Christian literature. So I started reading and was surprised. What I read was very different from what I have been hearing since my childhood. . . . After a while, I met Christian students who invited me to a meeting of believers. I found the truth I was searching for.”

Do you ever feel a deep, gnawing hunger for quality Christian reading material? You likely have a different problem—not having enough time to read all the books, devotionals, magazines, and other

Christian literature available.

Most magazines provided by the Christian Family Magazines program are read by people who have little or no access to other printed Christian materials such as devotionals, tracts, Christian school curriculum, Bible commentaries, and inspirational or doctrinal books. The practical teaching, doctrinal articles, and inspirational stories in these magazines are some of their only sources of inspiration and spiritual guidance.

Through Christian Family Magazines, more than 13 million magazines were produced and distributed in 11 languages last year, reaching people in approximately 100 countries. We praise God for giving the increase as He uses these magazines to inspire, encourage, and convict His children around the world.

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