in India

The cry of the poor

A 65-year-old widow in India lost her job as a maid and ran out of food for herself and her handicapped son. That same day, a Christian visited her with a gift of groceries.

Another widow in India wept when she received food. Sharing that she was neglected by her family, she cried, “God’s people took care of me.”

A mother in Morocco fed her family by gathering spoiled fruits from the fields. How much do you think a gift of rice, flour, oil, and other food meant to her?

These people were all helped through your generosity. They represent thousands upon thousands of others who, if they could, would express their heartfelt thanks for your support. Psalm 72:12 says, “For he shall deliver the needy when he crieth; the poor also, and him that hath no helper.” God has used the generosity of you, our supporters, to help those who have no one to help them.

Although nearly two years have passed since the beginning of COVID-19, we continue seeking ways to respond to related needs in various countries. Aid has reached nearly seventy countries, but in the last year we have focused heavily on India. In November, we received a message from contacts there: “Many people have lost their jobs due to non-functionality of businesses . . . This has been the worst performance in India’s economy in any year since India’s independence [in 1947]. There has been a steep rise in prices, making it very difficult for the poor and downtrodden. Many . . . are coming and asking for help with more rations.”

“For he shall deliver the needy when he crieth.” (Psalm 72:12)

The economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, along with other factors, has created a drastic increase in food costs in India and places like Syria and Yemen. This is devastating for the poor. While these places experienced poverty before COVID-19, we at CAM are deeply concerned about the surge of food-related needs and how to respond to those needs in the coming months and years. While we realize the problem is much bigger than our ability to help, we want to do what we can.

In addition to providing food and other aid, some of our contacts are helping people restart their livelihoods. Resources like sewing machines, farm animals, and store inventory are enabling people to once again provide for themselves. We believe this will be a growing focus as we step into 2022.

While responding to needs through the Coronavirus Crisis Care program, it has been our goal to point people to Jesus. One contact shared, “Every time we do the distribution . . .  we make sure [people] also hear the Gospel so they look to the real source of life.” We rejoice at the stories we hear about people who face huge needs, receive help from Christians, and learn for the first time about the Lord Jesus—the One who motivated this kindness. As a result, many have chosen to follow Jesus. Our contacts in a restricted country report that many thousands of people in their location have come to Christ during the pandemic.

God bless you for your part in responding to the cries of suffering families, needy elderly people, hungry children, and many others impacted by the continued economic fallout of COVID-19. The help of God’s people shines the light of Jesus and provides hope and encouragement to those in distress.

If you wish to support these ongoing projects and enable us to continue to respond to many needs, your help will be a great blessing. God bless you!

Christian Aid Ministries | December 2021