Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico, Christian Aid Ministries
Widespread flooding results from Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico

Hurricane Fiona causes catastrophic flooding

Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico dumped 15-24 inches of rain in some places after its landfall early Monday. Mudslides and severe flooding resulted from the unrelenting rains that are still pounding the territory. Even though the hurricane force of Fiona is past, up to 30 inches of rain is predicted to fall.

Over 1,000 water rescues by government agencies brought people to safety, but some people are still in life-threatening conditions because of the continued rain. Before the main part of the storm hit, the power grid went down across the island and left everyone in the dark. Thousands of people are still without water and electricity.

Some areas of Puerto Rico were still recovering from Hurricane Maria, which devastated the island five year ago. Thousands of homes still had blue tarps for their roofs. Now Hurricane Fiona ripped off more roofs and caused everything to become drenched, if the rising water from the streets hadn’t already done so.

Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico, Christian Aid Ministries
blocked roads from mudslides.

Our recently established Rapid Response team in Puerto Rico is investigating the needs and ways CAM can help. Please pray for them as they make decisions and travel through the territory. Some areas aren’t accessible yet because of the flooding and mudslides, but our team is checking out places they are able to access safely.

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