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Savings group in Tanzania

Sowing seeds through SALT savings groups

SALT savings groups provide a means through which individuals and families are given a chance to escape poverty’s clutch. Simply giving handouts is not the best answer in some situations, since material aid can easily create dependence. Our goal with savings groups is to empower people to use their resources and abilities to provide for themselves instead of relying on others.

Seeds of financial teaching and spiritual instruction are taking root in the Kanaani savings group in Tanzania. The chairman of this group, a man who is fervent about God, started the group among tradesmen who work at a vehicle repair shop. In this group, members are receiving Biblical financial teaching and learning about the Word of God. As the men read through the lessons, an obvious difference is being seen in their lives.

When a SALT facilitator asked a member of the Kanaani savings group what he liked about the group, he replied that he enjoys the teaching about knowing God. “Without God we would not be able to gather and have this SALT group,” he added.

Akachi* is also a member of the Kanaani group. When the group started, he did not appear interested in God. But through reading God’s Word and listening to practical, Bible-based teaching, Akachi’s heart was drawn toward the truth. The chairman reports that Akachi will now speak out against the evil he sees.

After visiting the repair shop where members of the Kanaani savings group work, a SALT staff member said, “We praise the Lord for the spiritual interest that we see among this group.”

Thank you, supporters, for making a way for people to become self-sustaining while learning about God. Now they are able to provide for themselves and give back to their communities.

*Name is changed to protect identity.

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