A Chance to Survive

This young mother in Liberia brought her triplet baby girls-Bless, Blessed, and Blessing-to the CAM compound hoping to receive nutritional aid. Our staff members were happy to give her baby formula and layette bundles. The trio was added to the list to receive infant formula through the Save A Life program.

A few weeks later when staff members visited the mother, they discovered that two of the triplets had been hospitalized several days before and had sadly passed away. In Liberia, knowing the cause of death is not considered important, so it is unknown why the two babies died. The staff left some infant care products for the remaining baby.

Every day thousands of children and adults die from malnutrition and easily treatable medical conditions. The nutritional products and medicines you provide through the Save-A-Life program help give suffering people, like the surviving Liberian triplet, a chance to survive.

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