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Assistance for Ukrainians


Store shelves in Eastern Ukraine are becoming bare amidst the conflict. This intensifies the need for food assistance for Ukrainians throughout the country, especially in areas where the conflict is active. Many of the people who stayed in the country were needy before the war. Now their daily survival is a struggle.

CAM plans to ship more food from the USA and purchase food from other parts of Europe for the people in Ukraine. The food we purchased from western Europe has already arrived in Ukraine.

Some people flee to Romania and arrive at the borders hungry and weary. CAM staff members and members of the local church serve two meals each day to the people who left the land they love. Many people cross the border for the first time and don’t know what to expect on the other side.

Eating before moving on.
Eating before moving on.


The cold weather in Europe adds a complexity for Ukrainians. A CAM worker in Ukraine shared how his sister’s family briefly took shelter in a hole in their yard with a thin roof when they heard the Russians were going from house to house terrorizing and killing. From their hiding space under the thin roof, they watched the Russians enter their house before continuing down the street. Thankfully, the family was soon able to leave the area.

Many others also flee through the cold or stay at places without proper heat. CAM staff members and volunteers meet Ukrainians at the Romanian border and give blankets to people who are chilled by the cold temperatures.

Recently a border police asked for a blanket and quickly wrapped up a shivering child.

Blanket provided to an elderly woman.
Blanket provided to an elderly woman.

Christian literature

With any crisis CAM seeks to spread the Word of God at a time when people are searching for hope. The Ukraine conflict is another opportunity to fulfill our goal of spreading the Gospel.

Last week thousands of copies of Christian literature were printed and are ready to distribute to refugees at the Romanian/Ukrainian border. This includes the 25 Favorite Stories from the Bible, a New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs, and a children’s coloring book in the Ukrainian language.

This literature is also sent to believers in Romania and surrounding countries to use as an evangelistic tool for Ukrainian refugees.

101 Bible given to a child.
101 Bible given to a child.

Thank you

We are grateful for the generous donations and prayers from you, our supporters, who enable us to help Ukrainians and provide Christian literature to point people to Christ! Without you, this work would not be possible.

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