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Churches in Moldova are doing what they can to host and feed refugees from war-torn Ukraine.

Needs of Ukrainian refugees

CAM staff member visits refugees

In less than five weeks, over 3.5 million refugees fled Ukraine according to the United Nations. Most people fleeing the violence in their homeland go to Poland, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, and Russia. Last week a CAM staff member met with Moldovan contacts to investigate the needs of Ukrainian refugees and ways to help.

Our staff member accompanied our Moldovan contact to visit various people and places hosting Ukrainian refugees. Many Christians in Moldova are opening their doors and facilities to the families passing through on their way to Western Europe.

One Christian facility with buildings usually used for summer retreats is currently hosting 133 refugees. Our staff member shared, “The refugee ladies help out in the kitchen and with the cleaning, etc. It seems like it’s almost therapy for them to be busy and working with other ladies who have similar stories.”

Our contact says the troubled look of refugees often shows the pain of what they endured in Ukraine. It often takes them around a week before they talk about the things they saw and experienced.

Pray for Ukrainians in need and the Christians reaching out

About 90 percent of the refugees in Moldova are being assisted by Christian families and churches. Our staff member attended a meeting with Moldovan pastors and said, “It was touching to see these men come in, worn down by stress and work, sharing with each other and feeling the burden lift a little.”

These men spend long hours and lack sleep from the sudden added responsibility of caring for refugees. Our staff member shared, “These leaders poured out their hearts to each other and to God in prayer.”

While CAM is looking at the best ways to assist the people working tirelessly on the front lines, perhaps the biggest way to share their burden is through prayer. We also thank God for the way He is using the crisis. Our staff member shared, “A few of [the pastors] mentioned that the crisis has brought the churches in Moldova together in a way that never happened before.”

Ukrainian refugees also need prayers as they face fear, uncertainty, and loss. Life is a daze for many of them. After leaving the place they call home, many of them need to make huge decisions at a time when they are still in shock. Please lift them to the throne of grace!

Ukraine Damage Kharkiv
Buildings damaged by fighting in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Helping with physical needs

CAM continues to provide food and other assistance to people inside Ukraine and surrounding countries. We ask for God’s direction to know the best ways to meet the tremendous needs. Thank you for your outpouring of support for the Ukrainian people!

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