Mobile Medical Team Brings Healing to Ukraine

A mobile medical team in Ukraine is offering medications for physical healing and pointing the lost to Jesus for spiritual healing. In some parts of Ukraine, critical over-the-counter medicines are unavailable because of the ongoing conflict. People with heart problems, diabetes, and other conditions are unable to purchase the medication prescribed to them. In other areas, medications are available at pharmacies but are unaffordable since prices have skyrocketed. CAM supplies some of the medicines that are being used by this team.

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The medical team partners with churches who use the event as an opportunity to connect with unbelievers. Singing, preaching, and interacting with patients open doors for them to minister to their community.

A table with free Christian literature is set up nearby. The war in Ukraine has sparked an interest in God’s Word. Many who would have previously ignored Christian literature now leave with their hands full of tracts, Bibles, Bible story books, and inspirational reading material.

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