Natasha Shares Heartaches from Ukraine War

Natasha and her three sons took shelter in a private school with sixty other people when the explosions began last year. While there, Natasha’s husband helped rescue a family from a village and was shot and killed. The city was shut down from violence for the following eight days and no one was able to reach him.

Natasha and her unbelieving husband had separated years ago but Natasha kept contact with him. She made phone calls every day to try and find out if her husband was okay, but each day there was silence. Finally, a photo of Natasha’s deceased husband surfaced on the internet. The following day they were able to enter the village and one of Natasha’s sons recovered the body for a funeral.

Only a week later, bombs and shelling were fired across the city where Natasha and her sons had taken refuge. “It was a horror story and buildings collapsed and the shelter was sprinkled with dirt,” Natasha shared. “The children screamed. It was terribly scary.”

Natasha and her sons had no choice but to flee again. This time they took the train to a region where they spent the next six months. Thankfully, believers from a local church reached out to them during their stay. “The Church of Dolyna helped and took care of us,” Natasha said. “Praise God.”

After their hometown was liberated, Natasha’s sons returned but Natasha couldn’t join them because of sickness. She needs ongoing treatment, and no hospital close to home is safe to travel to. Natasha then moved to her sister’s home where she receives care.

“I am grateful to the Lord that He led us with His loving hand through difficult circumstances and preserved us. . . .” Natasha said. “A lot has been experienced, indescribable in words, but God is Great and Glory to Him for everything.”

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