words of thanks, Christian Aid Minstries
Food unloaded for a church in Poltava. The pastor expressed his sincere thanks for the aid.

Ukrainians express words of thanks

Ukrainians express words of thanks for the unwavering support and aid during the relentless conflict. One of our contacts wrote a quick note to express his appreciation for the aid before he headed out to various food distributions.

Our contact wrote, “Thank you again for your generous, faithful partnership that has enabled us to reach so many needy families with urgent relief aid, including food and shelter, and with spiritual care, including copies of Scripture. Without your partnership, we would not have had such a great impact and I just want to thank . . . Christian Aid Ministries again.”

He also shared of the continual need for aid for his fellow Ukrainians. “Sadly, it seems that this crisis will not be over soon,” he wrote. “But it will require all of us to continue helping those families who are so tragically impacted by this war.”

words of thanks, Christian Aid Minstries
Aid from CAM waiting to be distributed. Ukrainians express words of thanks for food and other items that help them survive.

Another contact thanked us for CAM’s recent support and shared of its impact. “We were able to collect food packages for 1,147 families and provide temporary accommodation and food to people who came from the occupied territories.”

words of thanks, Christian Aid Minstries
This church in Sumy sincerely thanks those who help provide aid for them.

This contact ended with a verse in Philemon 1:4. “I always thank my God as I remember you in my prayers.”

We would like to pass on the kind words of our brothers in Christ to you, our supporters, who made all this possible!

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