Ongoing COVID food distributions are a lifeline to those in India who wonder where they will get their next meal. CAM contacts are doing all they can to provide food to poverty-stricken families. Many people have been out of work for months, and their families are in desperate need.

After a recent food distribution took place, grateful recipients expressed their thanks:

  • “I am happy how the people of the church help needy ones according to their needs. I am surprised to see these many people receiving food kits freely.”
  • “…This food kit will feed my family at least for the next two weeks.”
  • “It is heartwarming to see the church continually helping the needy people since the lockdown period began.”

COVID-19 cases in India recently surpassed 25 million. Fear, hunger and death are ever present.

In addition to COVID food distributions, we are also working to supply medical items for hospitals and clinics that are facing shortages of crucial supplies.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support to help with this crisis in India!    

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