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A gift of life

A staff member in Liberia shared, “For Favor, one week and a can of milk closed the door on death and gave her the gift of life.”

Precious Lives

Saving Precious Lives

In poverty-stricken parts of the world, the battle for life is real. Too often, malnutrition robs precious lives that God has given. Especially those of innocent children.

A Chance To Survive

A chance to survive

Wideline was at the beginning stages of malnutrition when she came to a clinic in Haiti. For many malnourished, this nutrition is a chance to survive.



Abraham was severely undernourished when his mother brought him to the CAM base in Liberia. After our staff prepared nutritional drink mix for him, “Abraham drank eagerly . . . like he was starving,” reported a CAM staff member in Liberia. Desperate mothers frequently bring their malnourished children to the CAM base for help. “Somebody… Read more


“We Did Not Think She Would Live”

“My friend who gave birth to twins just a few days ago has died! The babies are crying and crying, and there’s no food for them!” Unfortunately this frantic call that came to our office in Liberia is not uncommon for our staff. Not in a country where nearly 40 percent of children are undernourished…. Read more