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A gift of life

A staff member in Liberia shared, “For Favor, one week and a can of milk closed the door on death and gave her the gift of life.”

Precious Lives

Saving Precious Lives

In poverty-stricken parts of the world, the battle for life is real. Too often, malnutrition robs precious lives that God has given. Especially those of innocent children.

A Chance To Survive

A chance to survive

Wideline was at the beginning stages of malnutrition when she came to a clinic in Haiti. For many malnourished, this nutrition is a chance to survive.



Abraham was severely undernourished when his mother brought him to the CAM base in Liberia. After our staff prepared nutritional drink mix for him, “Abraham drank eagerly . . . like he was starving,” reported a CAM staff member in Liberia. Desperate mothers frequently bring their malnourished children to the CAM base for help. “Somebody… Read more


Little Rose Receives Life Saving Drink

Twenty-one-month-old Rose’s body was swollen from malnutrition. Her mother, afraid Rose might die, brought her to a CAM-supported clinic for help. Thankfully this clinic in Haiti had nutritional drink on hand to start her journey to recovery. Every Friday, Rose’s mother made the five-hour trip back to the clinic for Rose’s checkup and more life… Read more


The Cost of Hunger and a Way to Make a Difference

Life is given by God and meant to be lived. But in remote areas of Haiti, malnutrition and poverty are draining life from many children. In Haiti, six-month-old Clarvensky was wasting away. His mama disappeared when he was a month old and left him in the yard. Several ladies in the village took pity upon… Read more


Will Lismarlin Survive?

In our land of plenty, it can be hard to imagine children dying of malnutrition. But in some parts of the world, this is a part of daily life. Lismarlin, a young girl from rural Nicaragua, was slowly regressing after a month with diarrhea and a few days of vomiting. Her family carried her several hours… Read more


A Good Start

Imagine you are at a small rescue center in Liberia, West Africa, called Hope for the Nations. All around you are mothers with malnourished children. One little boy draws your attention, his skinny legs spread out on the bare cement floor. Your heart tugs as his big eyes look up at you. For this little… Read more


Nourishment for the Malnourished

What if you had twin babies and not enough milk to feed them both? How would you choose which one to keep alive? In impoverished countries, it’s not uncommon for one twin to thrive and the other to die. Sometimes parents are uneducated about the importance of regular feedings, so if one infant sleeps more… Read more


“We Did Not Think She Would Live”

“My friend who gave birth to twins just a few days ago has died! The babies are crying and crying, and there’s no food for them!” Unfortunately this frantic call that came to our office in Liberia is not uncommon for our staff. Not in a country where nearly 40 percent of children are undernourished…. Read more


Children’s story – Saving Mayson’s Life

Mayson is a 3-year-old boy who lives in Haiti. Haiti is a place across the sea from America. His family is very poor. They live in a house made of old wood and tin that has only two rooms. It doesn’t have running water, so when Mayson and his family want water, they can’t just turn… Read more