Monthly sponsorships

With a growing list of over 24,000 monthly sponsorships, we are able to respond to more needs in various countries. Monthly sponsorships are of great value to CAM, providing a dependable base of support that helps us plan ahead. You can make any of CAM’s 50-plus programs your personal monthly sponsorship.

CAM’s monthly sponsorships are:

Monthly Sponsorship for Web 6A means of personalized and organized giving every month

Monthly Sponsorship for Web 7Dependable support that enables CAM to plan ahead

Monthly Sponsorship for Web 8An answer to prayer for refugees, widows, persecuted believers, and other disadvantaged people around the world!

sponsorships, Christian Aid Ministries

Egypt-Sponsor-A-Child enables children from needy Coptic Christian homes to learn how to read and write. Without this schooling, these children would likely continue generational cycles of illiteracy and poverty.

sponsorships, Christian Aid Ministries

The Widows Care Fund provides food, shelter, self-help resources, or other aid to widows,widowers, and abandoned wives.


sponsorships, Christian Aid Ministries

Billboard Evangelism seeks to remind Americans of God through thought provoking messages posted along highways or in cities across the U.S.A.


sponsorships, Christian Aid Ministries

Food-Parcels-for-Syrian-Refugees supplies much needed food to people suffering from the conflict and economic crisis in Syria.


sponsorships, Christian Aid Ministries

The Christian Family Magazines are in great demand in many parts of the world. In 2021, supporters provided 12 million Seed of Truth and related magazines and 1.8 million Antorcha de la Verdad magazines. For many, these magazines are their primary source of Bible-based teaching.

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You may discontinue your sponsorship at any time.