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First Alert! Devastating Earthquake in Ecuador

The lives of thousands of families in Ecuador were dramatically changed when a powerful earthquake rocked the country on April 16. More than 600 people were killed and thousands more injured. Many lost homes and possessions and now struggle to rebuild their lives in... read more

Tornadoes Strike Oklahoma and Kentucky

Several powerful tornadoes plowed violently across the plains of Oklahoma on Monday, May 9, wrecking homes and leaving two people dead. Our Oklahoma Rapid Response team is helping with cleanup in Sulphur, where an EF3 tornado damaged approximately 40 homes. Over 600... read more

Help for Romania’s Elderly

Retired elderly people are some of the most disadvan­taged people in Romania,” says Elena Marza, CAM staff member in Romania. “Many need proper nutrition, medication, and care. They are waiting for a Good Samaritan to have mercy on them.” The only income most elderly... read more

So Many Religions – So Little Truth

Americans spend hundreds of hours commuting each year, averaging about 27 minutes per day. Every day, an estimated 8.5 million people pass our Gospel billboards. Some are confused with religion or think all religions are equal. Others think if people do good things,... read more

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