Christian Aid Ministries (CAM) strives to be an honest, efficient channel enabling the church to minister to physical and spiritual needs around the world. Our main purpose is to glorify God and help enlarge His kingdom.

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Devastating Earthquake in Ecuador

Death toll stands at 525 and still rising—CAM staff on ground investigating needs Wednesday, April 20 A CAM staff member is on the ground in Ecuador exploring ways to respond to the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that killed more than 525 people and injured over 2,500 on... read more

CAM Team Visits Refugees in the Middle East

I was recently privileged to be part of a three-man team who traveled to Iraq, Lebanon, and Jordan. We visited various projects CAM supports and met with war refugees. Our goal was to better understand what to expect as the Middle East conflict continues and to... read more

Ministering to Homes and Hearts in America

When a disaster strikes where you least expect it, in the safety of your own homes, it comes as a shock. “I didn’t know where to start or what to do,” wrote Vicki after a flood in South Carolina. “Then a man named John Beiler came to my door and told me about CAM. I... read more

Haiti Biblical Discipleship Center

Pastors, teachers, and leaders from every area of Haiti are coming to CAM’s Biblical Discipleship Center. Topics like purity, spiritual warfare, and Christian family living are addressed during three-week seminars held ten times a year. As these teachings from God’s... read more

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The Where-Needed-Most (WNM) program is our general support category. Funds specified for Where-Needed-Most are used in CAM aid programs and for general administration and fundraising expenses. This is a great category for those who wish to give, but are not sure which programs to support.

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