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Bibles-for-the-WorldAt the heart of CAM programs is the goal to get the Gospel message into as many hands as possible. The need for Bibles continues to be huge! While we supply hundreds of thousands of copies per year, we wish we could do much more—especially in countries where Bibles are scarce and many millions of Christians are waiting for their first copy. To spread the words of truth, we also distribute Bible story books, inspirational books and Bible correspondence courses. God has allowed us to distribute many of these items in unique places of the world.


Biblical Discipleship Centers:

Biblical Discipleship CentersGod is blessing this program with some very encouraging, far-reaching spiritual results! Many pastors, teachers, and other church leaders receive teaching at CAMʼs Biblical Discipleship Centers in Haiti, Liberia, and Nicaragua. The program provides three-week Bible-teaching sessions. There is a long waiting list of pastors who want to attend the center in Haiti. The goal for the Biblical Discipleship Centers is to promote sound doctrine to church leaders so they can lead their churches in a Biblical way. We are in need of funds to maintain and expand this program.

“Biblical Discipleship Centers”

Billboard Evangelism:

Wilmington DE 466.01 2We have a wonderful and ongoing opportunity to point Americans to Christ! But for how long we don’t know, with the way things are going in our country. To remind people of God and His truth, CAM has posted more than 1,000 Gospel messages. The messages are scattered throughout all fifty states, mostly on billboards along interstates and major highways. An estimated nineteen million people see a Gospel message each day. Each year more than 100,000 people call our toll-free number. We know that some people are being saved. God alone knows the true results. We are in still in need of quite a few monthly sponsors and contributions to fund this project.

“Billboard Evangelism Program”

Christian Family Magazines:

Christian Family MagazinesBiblical teaching material is scarce and in great demand in many parts of the world. One way CAM responds to this need is through the Seed of Truth and La Antorcha de la Verdad (The Torch of Truth) magazines. Both magazines, written by conservative Anabaptist people, include articles and stories for children, youth, and adults. They are printed in 10 languages and distributed in 105 countries and territories, including many restricted Islamic and communist countries. Although millions of copies are being distributed, the demand and the opportunities are much larger, especially in countries where there is almost no Christian literature. Average cost per copy is 20 cents.

“Christian Family Magazines”

Coronavirus Crisis Care:

Caronavirus Crisis Care, Christian Aid MinistriesThe economic fallout of COVID-19 is resulting in enormous suffering, especially in countries that were already needy. These areas will likely suffer for years to come from the unusual global shut down. CAM has received a large number of requests for help from around the world. The cry for food is one thing most requests have in common. Fear of starvation stares many in the face. Other requests for help include hygiene products, which are often lacking when people can’t even afford food. All these needs and uncertainties are causing many people to search for peace and security. People who had no interest in God are now open to the Gospel message. We want to seize this opportunity to point people to Christ through Bibles, Christian literature, and other avenues of spiritual encouragement.

“Coronavirus Crisis Care”


Gifts-That-GrowThis very important program is used for Gifts-In-Kind items. Each dollar donated to the Gifts-That-Grow program helps us procure approximately $150 worth of donated products. Every year, millions of dollars’ worth of free medicines, food, nutritional supplements, and other valuable items are available to CAM. Though companies and individuals donate the items, we must pay procurement fees and shipping costs to bring the products to our warehouse in Pennsylvania. Some funds may also be used to ship the products overseas.


Disaster Response Services (USA):

IMG 20150227 135845558Our Disaster Response Services (DRS) program provides relief in the wake of disasters in the United States. These projects provide opportunities for our staff and volunteers to build relationships and minister the love and comfort of Jesus in a time of loss. Disaster Response Services ministers through Disaster Response Services rebuilding, Rapid Response Services cleanup, Loaves & Fishes Food Kitchen, Chaplain Ministry, and Search & Rescue.

“Disaster Response Services (USA)”


Help-for-the-ElderlyWe find great needs among neglected, lonely, and very needy old people in Romania, Liberia, Haiti, and other impoverished countries. Our requests from the field for this program currently exceed our budgeting capabilities. This program provides about 1,575 food parcels to needy elderly people each month. A $49 donation provides a 25-pound or larger parcel and $10 cash or its equivalent in food items. In many cases, a Christian family magazine is also included.



International-Feed-A-FamilyA $45 donation provides 35 pounds of food, a Seed of Truth magazine, and in some cases healthcare items, for families and individuals in desperate need. These parcels go to recipients in Haiti, Liberia, Romania, and the Middle East.



Medicines-For-MultitudesThis very important program opens doors to share Christ with hundreds of thousands of sick people. More than 380 medical outlets receive donatedIn parts of the world where access to medical supplies and medicine is limited, these items are a tremendous blessing to the sick and suffering. Because pharmaceutical companies donate the medicines to CAM, we can ship and distribute approximately $30 worth of medicines, vitamins, nutritional supplements, and medical supplies for every dollar given to this program. This program is seriously under-funded; there is always a great need for funds to procure, ship, and distribute the donated medicines.


Project Good Samaritan:

Project Good Samaritan, Christian Aid MinistriesThis fund meets pressing needs that arise due to medical emergencies, house fires, or other unexpected crises. Often, poverty-stricken people cannot save for such emergencies and are destitute when they occur. Project Good Samaritan is used only in countries where CAM has ongoing projects and field staff. This is a favorite program of our field directors.

“Project Good Samaritan”

SALT Microfinance Solutions:

SALT-Microfinance-SolutionsSALT is an acronym for Shared Accountability, Lending, and Teaching. This CAM program reaches out to impoverished people through microloans, savings groups, vocational schools, and agricultural programs. A key component of the program is teaching, both in business principles and Biblical truths. Many are hearing the Gospel for the first time. Our goal is to walk alongside clients, helping them use the resources God has placed in their care and teaching them the importance of following Jesus in everyday life. This program operates in Haiti, Ghana, Honduras, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Uganda, Namibia, Nigeria, Nicaragua, Ukraine, Tanzania, Myanmar, Tanzania, and other locations. There is tremendous opportunity to expand this program and we want to do this as funds are available.

“SALT Microfinance Solutions”

Where Needed Most:

Where-Needed-Most, DonateThis very helpful fund gives us flexibility to direct funds to programs that are crucial, but not fully funded. It also helps pay for general administration and fundraising costs, which are critical in running the organization.


Thank you and God bless you!

Your support is a wonderful blessing to millions!

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